Improvements for today and for tomorrow

Our vision is to create a cleaner, more sustainable, accessible and inclusive district that has immediate benefits for people living, working, visiting and studying in Bradford today, but also paves the way for future investment across the district.

We are a young and diverse city and therefore getting the right blueprint for an exciting and successful future is crucial. It means creating a city centre that puts people first and epitomises our rich culture and heritage, promotes physical and mental wellbeing through clean and green growth, and provides more good quality jobs to help us attract and retain talent.

Through extensive public engagement and investment in our transport infrastructure and public spaces, we are reinforcing our city’s status and ensuring Bradford will play a key role in the success of the north for decades to come.


Our ambition is to become the UK’s leading clean growth district. The modernisation of our transport infrastructure is fundamental to achieving this.

It is essential we reduce the reliance on car travel and the congestion it causes across the district. By tackling this issue head on, we can improve the air we breathe and the health of everyone particularly our children and older people.

To meet carbon reduction targets set locally and by national government, our transport infrastructure needs to become more accessible and attractive for everyone. This is crucial if we are to grow our economy and create new jobs at the same time as reducing our carbon footprint. We will make key bus routes more reliable, improve the quality and quantity of our cycle routes, and promote low carbon ways to get about, including walking, that are proven to have a positive impact on people’s physical health.

Collectively, by improving and increasing people’s transport options, we can grow the district’s economy in a sustainable and people-focused way that works for everyone, whilst making the district a more investable location.

Public spaces

More people are choosing to live and work in city centres, adding to vibrancy, helping to attract visitors, and driving job creation. We want to transform Bradford’s city centre environment to ensure the district can take full advantage of this trend.

Alongside the modernisation of our transport offer, we have ambitious plans to raise the bar in terms of public spaces across Bradford city centre. New green areas and planting will not only improve the look and feel of the area, but will also provide the perfect backdrop to our stunning architectural heritage, promoting wellbeing and providing attractive outdoor public spaces for moments of respite and relaxation. Our new public spaces will set the stage for the City of Culture 2025 – creating an attractive and vibrant environment to host events, where people can gather, socialise, reflect and unwind.

These new spaces will also prioritise pedestrians and cyclists, creating a more accessible and free-flowing destination that feels spacious, welcoming and safe throughout the day and into the evening.

Transforming Cities Fund

In March 2020, the West Yorkshire Combined Authority, in partnership with local authorities, secured £317 million of funding from the Department for Transport’s Transforming Cities Fund (TCF), plus local match funding up to £140 million.

The Leeds City Region Transforming Cities Fund is a major new programme of transport infrastructure investment and the schemes being funded through TCF form an important part of the Bradford district’s overarching transport strategy and transformation. Together, the four TCF schemes being brought forward in Bradford will deliver a step-change in the quality of environmentally sustainable travel infrastructure across the district, to encourage more people to see walking, cycling and public transport as viable and attractive options for getting about.

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