Bank Street, Market Street and Broadway

Well Street Visualisation people walking on pavement in the city centre

Last updated 15 April 2024

What is happening here?

Streets, including Hall Ings, Bank Street and Market Street, are being closed to general traffic.

Landscaping, planting and greenery will improve routes for those on foot and cycling.

Please see the map below for more details.

Which streets are affected?

A map detailing the changes that Bank Street, Market Street and Broadway will see as part of the Bradford City Centre Walking and Cycling Improvements Scheme. Details of the captions are below the map.

A map detailing the changes Bank Street, Market Street, Bridge Street and Broadway will see as part of the Bradford City Centre Walking and Cycling Improvements Scheme.

There are seven captions on the map.

What effect will construction have on the road network?

How can I access my business or home for deliveries during and after construction?

For roads that are to be permanently pedestrianised – those being Hall Ings, Market Street, Bank Street, Broadway and Bridge Street (west of its junction with Hall Ings) – the way that businesses and residents on these streets send and receive deliveries will change permanently.

Where deliveries need to be made, or received, vehicle access will only be allowed after 4.30pm and before 10.30am the following day. This is in line with how other pedestrianised streets operate in the city centre.

For more information on how pedestrianised streets currently work in the city centre, please visit:

Where access is required, the pedestrianised roads can be accessed either through a manually operated barrier, which will be attended to by Balfour Beatty, or through a remotely-operated intercom system. The intercom system will be attended to 24/7.

This is how access arrangements are intended to remain after the construction works are completed.

What will happen to disability access?

The majority of Blue Badge Parking spaces in the city centre will be retained as part of the scheme, however, some will move because they are on roads which are being pedestrianised. We will endeavour to retain access to current disabled parking spaces throughout the construction process where it is safe to do so.

New Blue Badge Parking spaces are also being put in place as part of the scheme including on Bridge Street and Hall Ings, so overall there will be more disabled parking spaces once the project has been finished than there was before it began.

From the 14 April The Blue Badge Parking on Bank Street and Norfolk Gardens will no longer be accessible from 14 April 2024. The nearest Blue Badge Parking spaces to these locations are on Aldermanbury and Pictureville.

The Broadway Centre car park will also remain open and will be unaffected by the works. You can access the Broadway Centre car park as you do now, from Hall Ings, but you’ll need to enter from the Leeds Road side, rather than the Jacobs Well side, as the Jacobs Well side is being pedestrianised.

A map of where Blue Badge Parking spaces will be in the city centre, will be available here shortly.

What about taxi ranks?

Like Blue Badge Parking Spaces, some taxi ranks will need to move so that the core of the city centre can be pedestrianised. Although some taxi ranks are being removed as part of the scheme, there will be new or extended taxi ranks on Bridge Street, Cheapside, Kirkgate, Sunbridge Road and Nelson Street once the scheme is completed.

From the 14 April the taxi rank currently located on Bank Street will no longer be accessible. The nearest taxi ranks to this location will be on Hall Ings by the junction with Well Street, outside of Bradford Interchange and on Sunbridge Road.

A map of where taxi ranks will be in the city centre, will be available here shortly.