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September 1, 2023

Welcome to the weekly e-newsletter for the Bradford City Centre Walking and Cycling Improvements Scheme.

This edition includes everything you need to know about the Bradford City Centre Walking and Cycling Improvements Scheme for the week ahead.

We upload each weekly newsletter to the Future Bradford website under the news section if you would like to look back at previous editions.

This week’s construction, traffic, and access updates

This section sets out the main activities being carried out on our construction sites for the week ahead. If you would like more information about what is happening at these locations, including maps showing how these junctions are being transformed, please click on the headings to be taken to  to website.

Godwin Street, Sunbridge Road, Kirkgate and Westgate

Sunbridge Road

What: We are continuing works to the footpaths and cycle lanes on both sides of Sunbridge Road.

Traffic management: The eastbound lane closure on Sunbridge Road, between Barry Street and Godwin Street will remain in place. There is a diversion in place for vehicles travelling eastbound – they are being diverted along Barry Street.

Sackville Street will remain closed to through traffic while the work on Sunbridge Road is being carried out.

Vehicles will still be able to access Southgate while the cycle lane works are happening.

Why: This work will provide wider footpaths and introduce cycle lanes. Three new bus shelters will also be put in place for bus routes travelling out of the city centre.

Westgate and Kirkgate

What: On Westgate, work to reinstate the paved area behind the kerbline is nearly complete.

Next week, work will begin on the south side of Kirkgate to install a new bus stop.

Traffic management: Westgate will still be reduced to one lane travelling eastbound by the junction with Godwin Street to tie into the lane closure on Godwin Street.

Next week, there will be a parking bay suspension on the south side of Kirkgate for the new bus stop works.

Why: Works at this junction are being carried out in preparation for the reversal of the one-way route on Kirkgate and Westgate. This change will provide more space for bus stops and routes into the city.

Godwin Street

What: On Godwin Street, we are continuing work to remove the central reservation.

Traffic management:Next week, the lane closures on Godwin Street will be extended to allow us to access the remaining central reservation when the other road works happening at the same time as this scheme allow. 

Why: This work will create space for an additional lane for buses heading into the city centre.


Jacobs Well, Prince’s Way and City Park

What: At Jacobs Well, we have started works in preparation for the filling in of the roundabout and the underpass.

Traffic management: There will be some lane closures and traffic management around Jacobs Well while this work is being carried out.

Why: This work will see Jacobs Well roundabout removed as it will no longer be needed when Hall Ings is closed to motor traffic in early 2024.


Senior Way, Croft Street and Manchester Road

What: Work is continuing along the southern side of Croft Street and northern side of Senior Way to create new lanes for traffic. We are continuing to install new drainage in the central island.

Traffic management: The current lane closures around the Croft Street Gyratory will remain in place.

A lane closure has also been installed on the northbound carriageway on Manchester Road to provide further safe access to the works around the Croft Street Gyratory.

Why: The works here are to create an additional lane on the gyratory section of Croft Street in each direction.


Cheapside and Lower Kirkgate

Lower Kirkgate

What: On Lower Kirkgate, we are continuing to carry out traffic signal and kerbing works at the Canal Road junction. Work is also continuing on the northbound side, opposite M&S, in preparation for the new cycleway on Lower Kirkgate. 

Traffic management: While this work is happening, a short bus diversion is in place on Lower Kirkgate. For more information about the diversions in place across the district please continue to check the Metro website.

The taxi rank opposite M&S on Lower Kirkgate is no longer in use and will permanently be removed to make way for a new cycleway. The taxi rank opposite River Island on Lower Kirkgate is still in use.

Why: The works here are to widen the junction to Canal Road, to allow for improved cycle lane provision.


What: We are continuing to install a new pedestrian crossing outside the Midland Hotel.

Traffic management: While this work is happening, pedestrian access is being maintained, with signs in place to help people navigate their way around on foot. A temporary crossing has also now been installed.

Why: This work will create a new crossing link into the city centre.


Well Street and Vicar Lane

Church Bank

What: We will continue to construct the new road junction on Church Bank leading into Well Street.

Traffic management: There will continue to be two-way temporary traffic lights on Church Bank while this work is ongoing.

Why: This work will allow for the new link between Church Bank and Well Street.

Well Street, Vicar Lane, and Hall Ings

What: On Well Street, Vicar Lane, and Hall Ings, we continued further site clearance works to remove street furniture and paving slabs in preparation for new drainage and kerbs to be installed for the new road. These works will continue next week.

Traffic management: Hall Ings is currently reduced to one lane of traffic westbound between the junction with George Street and the junction with Vicar Lane.

There is also a lane closure on Vicar Lane at the corner of West Street.

On Well Street, pedestrian routes are maintained around the works, and signs will be in place to help those in the city centre navigate their way around on foot.

Why: The works on Well Street will allow the street to be reopened as a two-way bus corridor on the east side of the Broadway Centre.


The work on Vicar Lane and Hall Ings, will allow for the reconnection of Vicar Lane to Hall Ings, with a new ‘CYCLOPS’ junction being introduced. This will allow the new bus route on Well Street to connect with the Interchange via Bridge Street.

Visualisation of Bridge Street with people walking along the paved street, lined with trees, sharing with cyclists and grass areas.

Visualisation of Bridge Street

Please do continue to plan your journeys into and around the city centre in advance and check the Future Bradford website, the One Network website, and our social media for regular updates and information. Details of our social media can be found at the bottom of this newsletter.


Other roadworks around the city 

To stay up to date with all the roadworks in the area please do continue to check One Network: one.network/uk/bradford.

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