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December 15, 2023

Welcome to the weekly e-newsletter for the Bradford City Centre Walking and Cycling Improvements Scheme.

This edition includes everything you need to know about the Bradford City Centre Walking and Cycling Improvements Scheme for the coming days.

We upload each weekly newsletter to the Future Bradford website. You can find copies of each e-newsletter on our news page if you would like to look back at previous editions.

This week’s construction, traffic, and access updates

All traffic management outlined in the e-newsletter sent out on 24 November will remain the same next week. You can view this e-newsletter by clicking here.

If you would like more information about what is happening across the city centre, including maps showing how the city is being transformed, please do see our website.New road surfacing on Croft Street Gyratory.

Photos of the new road surfacing on Croft Street Gyratory.

NCP car park demolition

Last week we shared that preparatory work, such as the erection of scaffolding, had commenced in preparation for the demolition of the NCP car park on Hall Ings.

The physical demolition of the building set to begin early in the new year and will last around three months.

As part of this work, there may be some overnight road closures in early January next year. We will share further details of these closures in the coming weeks.

To find out more, click here. You can watch a video of how the building will be demolished here.


What will the city centre look like in 2024? 

As part of the City Centre Walking and Cycling Improvements Scheme there will be hard landscaping improvements to the core of the city centre.

Hard landscaping includes footways, cycleways, and street furniture, such as benches and seating. All of this will be designed to complement the soft landscaping, such as planting and greenery, which will also be introduced as part of the scheme.

The design of the city centre scheme includes high-quality materials that are in keeping with Bradford’s history, as well as the landscaping that already exists. The scheme will include natural materials such as sandstone and granite. The new surfacing will help those travelling on foot or by bike know which routes to take through the use of different materials.

More information about the changes taking place in 2024 will be shared in future e-newsletters.


Visualisation of Hall Ings Terraces.Visualisation of Hall Ings Terraces. 


Reminder: There’s still time to have your say on the South Bradford Park and Ride Scheme

Bradford Council, in partnership with the West Yorkshire Combined Authority, want to hear your views on the South Bradford Park and Ride Scheme. 

Please click here for more information and to have your say. The consultation closes on Thursday 21 December 2023.


Information boards showing information on the consultation, at the Mayfield Centre.

This week, we held a consultation event at the Mayfield Centre.


Reminder: upcoming bus and road changes in 2024

From early 2024, new bus routes will come into effect and buses will no longer travel through the heart of the city centre. Instead, they will be routed around the core of the city centre along dedicated bus routes to improve bus reliability and journey times, and allow for the transformation of the city centre and the creation of new, attractive public spaces..

Look out for more information on these route changes which will be shared in the coming months.

For information on current bus disruptions and diversions around the district please do check the Metro website: www.wymetro.com/plan-a-journey/travel-news/bus-travel-alerts/


Other roadworks around the city 

To stay up to date with all the roadworks in the area please do continue to check One Network:  One Network website,


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