Phase Two Construction

Since July 2023, our team has been working on making changes to the outer roads in the city centre.

Now these works are nearly complete, these improved roads and junctions will create a dedicated public transport corridor enabling buses to flow around the city centre rather than through it.

Starting in April 2024, the next phase of works will take place on Hall Ings, Bank Street, Market Street, Little Horton Lane and part of Bridge Street. This phase will see these roads pedestrianised and new public spaces created.

This means that the majority of traffic management measures, such as cones and barriers on the roads, will be removed. However, the way you access and use the streets which are being pedestrianised will change.

Bus Services

As mentioned above bus services will move to use new routes from April 2024. To find out more, please visit the Metro website here:

To view the locations that you are most interested in, please click on the different areas below.

Hall Ings and City Park

Bank Street, Market Street and Broadway

Bridge Street

New surfacing & cycleway across Sunbridge Rd-Barry St junction.

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