We’re in the process of transforming Bradford city centre for the future, delivering a new, modern city centre through an ambitious programme of works.

While the end result will be worth it, the scale of construction works around the inner ring road will mean that delays to journeys to and from the city centre are likely, particularly at peak times.

The main period during which delays are likely is July 2023 to spring 2024, while works are underway to the inner ring road. Once complete, bus services will use a new loop route around the heart of the city centre and construction work will shift to the heart of the city centre itself, with only minimal impact on general traffic.

On this page you can find maps showing changes being made to different parts of the city centre, and explanations of how the work will be carried out. To view the locations that you are most interested in, please click on the relevant buttons below.

Plan your journey

There are a number of ways you can minimise delays to your journeys and help the district to keep moving.

  • Plan ahead by checking the latest information before you travel. Please be aware that all journeys may be affected, including those in buses and cars.
  • Travel outside peak times where possible, especially where a journey is not time sensitive.
  • Take the bus. One double-decker bus can accommodate the same number of passengers as up to 60 cars meaning if more people use the bus, delays will be reduced.
  • Share car journeys to reduce the number of vehicles on the road.
  • Walk or cycle if possible.
  • Allow more time for journeys.
  • Avoid blocking yellow box junctions to help traffic move more freely for us all.

Check live congestion reports

You can consider the best routes for your journey by checking live congestion reports and seeing exactly where road works for all construction projects are across the whole district by visiting:

Bradford Council and its project partners will do everything possible to minimise delays and provide the information you need. Please check this website for regular updates and information and sign up to our construction works e-newsletter to receive the latest information.

We will be updating our construction website pages on a regular basis. Please keep checking back for more information. You can also stay up to date by signing up to our e-newsletter (there is a form to do so on our Home page).

To view the locations that you are most interested in, please click on the different areas below.

John Street and Manor Row

Godwin Street, Sunbridge Road, Kirkgate and Westgate

Jacobs Well, Prince’s Way and City Park

Senior Way, Croft Street and Manchester Road

Cheapside and Lower Kirkgate

Bank Street, Market Street and Broadway

Bridge Street and Bradford Interchange

Well Street and Vicar Lane